Pretty in Scarlet and Indiegogo updates: Damn the torpedos, and all that!

So what’s new with Catt and Adam? So glad you asked:

* Final mixing on Pretty in Scarlet has begun, with Joel Lord in the captain’s chair
* We’ve found a mastering studio and a company to press the final product, and have been in contact with both
* Catt has also been talking with places to do up our official T-shirts
* We have been nigh well gnawing at our fingernails wanting to rehearse again (we’ve got new material that we’d just started massaging into place when the final recording rush touched down, and it’s…just…sitting…there…waiting….)
* The Crowdfunding Campaign: Omigods, people. We’ve hit the 38% mark and continue to edge closer to our goal every day. We’ve already been able to pay some of the people we owed money to, and have secured enough to make sure the mastering is capital-D Done by the November 18 release date. Along the way, we’ve gained fans from a dozen or two far-flung states, as well as Canada, Scotland, Australia and Sweden, which…just…wow. Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated so far! You continue to blow us away.

The 38% mark, though, means we’ve still got 62% to go to get everything done that we’ve set out to do, and we’ve got less than 4 weeks to do it. What we’re looking for now is eyeballs, which can be mailed to us in care of…um…I mean, eyeballs on our Indiegogo page. The more folks we reach, the better our chance of reaching the mark. If you have a chance, please share the link at (and big thanks to everyone who’s been doing an amazing job of promoting us so far!), and if you’ve got a couple of bucks to spare, please consider getting in on the campaign, and picking up some nifty Murder Ballads loot along the way. Thanks again, all! Much love!