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Catt Kingsgrave was born into a family of musicians, and when pressed, cannot actually recall a time when she was not singing, either accompanying a relative on piano or guitar, singing with the radio, or on stage in choir. Given her first guitar at the age of 13 (a Lyle L-12, which she proudly still owns, and about which she will hear no ill, thank you very much,) she began writing songs with it almost immediately. From there, she found her way to the Filk music scene, and settled in happily for some years, until, in the early 90’s, she tripped at a Dallas Ren Faire, and accidentally started a band called Ravens. Five years, two lineup-changes, one CD, two Ren Faires, and hundreds of concerts later, the band went their separate ways, as bands will.

Fast forward to the early 00’s, and a Boston Science Fiction convention called Arisia. Catt follows her ears to find a small crowd gathered in the hotel lobby, where Adam had been pressed into performing (under protest) his inspired filk, 88 Lines about 44 Fangirls. The impression proved indelible, and the seeds of Murder Ballads were sown. From that evening forward, Catt found any opportunity to sing with Adam, until, after several years of overlapping orbits, the duo were forced to acknowledge that while they didn’t exactly know who was responsible for it, one or another of them had tripped and accidentally started a band. Or perhaps both of them had. Whomever is to blame, the truth of it is that neither seems to show any signs of regret or penitence.

In addition to singing and songwriting, Catt writes and publishes poetry and fiction, draws, paints, dances, cooks, sews, gardens, knits, jousts, makes jewelry, and commits random acts of theatre. Her interests outside these pursuits include applied full-contact history, fan fiction, criminal profiling, theoretical metaphysics, social justice, and Captain America’s well-fitted trousers.

She does not make jam.

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  1. Hey Liz. I’m afraid they’ve all sold out at this point, and with the band scattered all over the US, we don’t have the wherewithal to do a second pressing. I have put all of the songs that don’t require licencing on my personal soundcloud account though, and you can download them there.


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