About Adam

Adam Fromm grew up the son of music fans in the south suburbs of Chicago. Consumed by the desire to learn to play the Beatles’ “Blackbird,” he took up acoustic guitar, teaching himself from his parents’ Peter Paul and Mary songbooks. He wrote his first song a few months later with two-and-a-half chords under his belt (D, A7, and a tentative G if he had a running start). From there he basically never stopped playing or writing, as he gradually found his way onstage for open mics and occasional one-off bands. He finally hit his stride in the current decade, with opening gigs for Heather Dale and Rebecca Loebe, the release of his solo CDs The Elmsley Count and Opposable Thumbs, and most fortuitously the beginning of his association with Catt Kingsgrave and the Murder Ballads project.

After a series of moves throughout the Northeast, Adam has landed with his wife Andrea in the city of Providence, RI, maintaining a three-hour┬ádrive between him and Catt. When not making music (you mean he puts his guitar down occasionally?), Adam constructs crossword puzzles professionally, has written his first novel that he swears he’ll finish editing any day now, hosts a weekly radio show (currently on hiatus), and does some sort of office job to keep him off the streets during business hours.

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