A veritable cornucopia of audiovisual materials

Good morning, dear murderdumplings! In a flurry of activity as we light a fire under ourselves to begin work on our second album, we’ve recently uploaded a boatload of live videos from our May 2016 house concert with Marnen Laibow-Koser to YouTube for your viewing and listening pleasure: in addition to the “White Stag” clip posted earlier, we present three tracks off of Pretty in Scarlet (“Strowler’s Song,” “Five,” and “Battle Raven”), one old solo bit of Adam’s (“One by One”), and one new co-written track, “Fireside Song,” which we created as our non-dairy “Parting Glass” substitute.

Also, we’ve been posting to our Patreon again in earnest. There’s one more video from the Medford show, the not-yet-released “Spider and Wasp,” which is avaiable only to our Patreon subscribers, so if you’re of curious mind and have a few pennies to toss our way, please consider subscribing at http://patreon.com/murderballads. Thanks again to everyone who has joined, and watch this space for more shiny moving objects of fascination.