Welcome! And Indiegogo!

Greetings, beloved murderblossoms, and welcome aboard! The official Murder Ballads website is live at last! These past few weeks have been a stampede of activity as Catt and Adam have been finishing up recording on  Pretty in Scarlet, their debut album due out on November 18 (mark your calendars!), and attending to endless band-related administrivia. The process has left us porridge-brained and not much able to write Meaningful Web Content, which would be great if we didn’t have the exciting news that…

…please enjoy the drum while we pause dramatically…

…as of today, the Pretty in Scarlet crowdfunding campaign is also officially live! Come help us help our labor of love and music and, well, labor see the light of day! You’ll find all of the details, whys and wherefores at the Indiegogo site. Give it a look, watch our promo video, and if you can, kick in a few bucks for some pretty nifty perks.

As for this site, do keep coming back. We’ve got some grand plans for this space, including some material that we’re dying to tell you about but can’t just yet. In the meantime, stick around, make yourself comfortable, and treat yourself well. You deserve it.

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