Post-crowdfunding, and our first interview

We’re pretty sure you already heard the massive relieved exhaling noise: The Pretty in Scarlet Indiegogo campaign has drawn to a close. In the final tally, we find ourselves humbled: over 70% of our $5000 goal reached in just 60 days, and two excited musicians blown away by the response. Thank you so much to everyone who donated, and to everyone who boosted the signal! Even though we won’t be able to do everything we’d hoped, the campaign earned enough to do the big things, starting with paying Joel the Producer of Fantastic and our session musicians and clearing cover royalties, moving on to mastering the final mixes (we’ve sent them off to the engineers, and expect the polished tracks in our hands within a week from now), and finally—a pause for effect—the first pressing of physical CD copies of the finished album. By this time next month, we’ll have nearly a year’s worth of work compressed down to a generous pocket-size. So worth every mile of commute, every re-tuned guitar string knocked a quarter step flat during “Girl That’s Never Been,” and every baleful stare from the resident Mandala House cats, ever irked with all the kerfuffle.

This week, we’ll be seeing each other in person for the first time since recording wrapped, partly for much-missed rehearsal, and partly for the Big Thing we want to mention: we’ll be giving our first-ever live interview for the Pagan Music Project on Pagans Tonight Radio with Pamela “Kelly” McAfee this Wednesday, October 22, starting at 10 pm Eastern time and ending whenever we get done yammering. You’ll be able to call or write in with questions, as well as get your first shot at hearing some of the tracks from the new CD. Just click on to get in; if you happen to miss the live show, that same link will take you to a podcast of the interview to be downloaded after the fact, free to listen to any time.

Thank you all again, dear ones. Chin up, enjoy your tea, and we’ll talk to you soon.

Pretty in Scarlet and Indiegogo updates: Damn the torpedos, and all that!

So what’s new with Catt and Adam? So glad you asked:

* Final mixing on Pretty in Scarlet has begun, with Joel Lord in the captain’s chair
* We’ve found a mastering studio and a company to press the final product, and have been in contact with both
* Catt has also been talking with places to do up our official T-shirts
* We have been nigh well gnawing at our fingernails wanting to rehearse again (we’ve got new material that we’d just started massaging into place when the final recording rush touched down, and it’s…just…sitting…there…waiting….)
* The Crowdfunding Campaign: Omigods, people. We’ve hit the 38% mark and continue to edge closer to our goal every day. We’ve already been able to pay some of the people we owed money to, and have secured enough to make sure the mastering is capital-D Done by the November 18 release date. Along the way, we’ve gained fans from a dozen or two far-flung states, as well as Canada, Scotland, Australia and Sweden, which…just…wow. Thank you so much to everyone who’s donated so far! You continue to blow us away.

The 38% mark, though, means we’ve still got 62% to go to get everything done that we’ve set out to do, and we’ve got less than 4 weeks to do it. What we’re looking for now is eyeballs, which can be mailed to us in care of…um…I mean, eyeballs on our Indiegogo page. The more folks we reach, the better our chance of reaching the mark. If you have a chance, please share the link at (and big thanks to everyone who’s been doing an amazing job of promoting us so far!), and if you’ve got a couple of bucks to spare, please consider getting in on the campaign, and picking up some nifty Murder Ballads loot along the way. Thanks again, all! Much love!

Welcome! And Indiegogo!

Greetings, beloved murderblossoms, and welcome aboard! The official Murder Ballads website is live at last! These past few weeks have been a stampede of activity as Catt and Adam have been finishing up recording on  Pretty in Scarlet, their debut album due out on November 18 (mark your calendars!), and attending to endless band-related administrivia. The process has left us porridge-brained and not much able to write Meaningful Web Content, which would be great if we didn’t have the exciting news that…

…please enjoy the drum while we pause dramatically…

…as of today, the Pretty in Scarlet crowdfunding campaign is also officially live! Come help us help our labor of love and music and, well, labor see the light of day! You’ll find all of the details, whys and wherefores at the Indiegogo site. Give it a look, watch our promo video, and if you can, kick in a few bucks for some pretty nifty perks.

As for this site, do keep coming back. We’ve got some grand plans for this space, including some material that we’re dying to tell you about but can’t just yet. In the meantime, stick around, make yourself comfortable, and treat yourself well. You deserve it.