Indiegogo: Murder Ballads Presents “The Ash Grove”

We are delighted beyond measure to announce the crowdfunding campaign for our upcoming second album, to be entitled The Ash Grove. It’s been going on three years since we last hit the studio for Pretty in Scarlet, and we’ve amassed enough material for a full release and then some, so we’re declaring this project overdue and hitting the ground running and screaming. We’ve narrowed down our track list (all originals this time out), we’ve had initial planning sessions with our producer extraordinaire Joel Lord about arrangements and recording strategies, and we’ve begun listing our dream rogue’s gallery of session musicians and guests. We’re on the verge, and it’s starting to feel so very real.

Most importantly, we have once again turned to the crowdfunding site Indiegogo to help make this project a reality. Our fans made Pretty in Scarlet possible in a way we never could have managed on our own, and with recording and mastering and pressing costs staring at us we’re hoping to make it happen again. We’re offering what we think is a fantastic array of enticements for those who donate (CDs! Embroidered book covers! Our upcoming songbook! House concerts!) in the hopes that you’ll toss a shilling or two into the hopper.

Come take a moment to visit our Indiegogo page at, share this link with others, and if you’re able please consider sending a few dollars our way to make The Ash Grove happen. We can’t keep the music to ourselves any more, and we’d be ever so grateful.